Purchasing Lunch

Student Breakfast $2.00

Student Lunch $3.25

Adult Breakfast $2.50 

Adult Lunch = $4.25

Food Director

Dawn Davidson 

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Lunch Program


St. John is dedicated to providing students and faculty with healthy, affordable, and enjoyable hot lunch offerings. The Food Service Program is a government program. Menus are published in advance and include an entrée or whole-grain pizza, which is served daily. Money can be added to a student’s lunch account through https://stjohnschool.revtrak.net

We are a NUT FREE School

Please help us keep our school safe for all children. Read food labels to make sure your child’s lunch and snacks do not contain nuts or traces of nuts.

Please avoid sending baked goods in for snack, and whenever possible send in prepackaged snacks with ingredient label.


We have children in our school community with severe nut allergies, a potentially life threatening condition. Children with allergies to nuts can have a severe reaction by touching a nut or from residual oils left behind, from inhaling the allergen, or by eating a food that contains even minuscule amounts of the allergen. We are committed to offering a safe educational environment for all students.

If a student brings a lunch or snack with nuts it will be returned. By not bringing nut products to school, your child is helping keep others safe. Children feel proud to help this way. We appreciate your support of these procedures. Thank you for your help in keeping all students safe at school.