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The right school will change a child's future.

Many choose our school because of our reputation for academic excellence. Others are looking for the individual attention that is often missing in larger public schools.

Achievement means something different to each and every child. Our exceptional faculty provides both the nurturing and the challenges needed for our students to discover what achievement means to them—to accomplish what they thought they never could, and to learn how good their best can really be.

We believe that the best investment you can make is in your child's future. And that's why we invite you to visit our school and see how it can change the course of your child's life.

Parents seeking admission to St. John the Evangelist Catholic School are encouraged to contact the School Office. Applications are currently being accepted in all grade levels.

St. John School offers tuition assistance to qualified students based on their family's need. Applicants for tuition assistance are asked to complete a Parents' Financial Statement.

If you would like to receive additional information from St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, we invite you to contact the school office at 810.629.6551 or email


Admissions Policy

Children will be admitted to St. John School in the following order:

1.  First priority is given to families with children currently attending St. John School.

2.  Second priority is given to active registered parishioners with new students. Active parishioner status is defined as:

  • Parent(s) are registered members of St. John Parish.

  • The family regularly attends mass at St. John Parish.

  • The parent(s) contributes time and talent to St. John Parish, when able.

  • The parent(s) supports St. John Parish financially through responsible stewardship and the use of the weekly church envelope. (Consideration will be given to Catholic families new to the area who provide documentation of active parish support from their previous parish and who register in St. John Parish.)

3.  Third priority is given to Catholic families registered in neighboring parishes.

4.  Fourth priority is given to Non-Catholic families.

Adopted February 1, 1996 • Effective July 1, 1996

St. John School Waiting List Process

Names on the waiting list are catalogued and prioritized in the following manner.


• School Families with a sibling to attend St. John School

• Active Parishioners, as defined in the Admissions Policy

• Inactive Parishioners

• Catholics from other parishes

• Non-Catholic families

The waiting list is prioritized by the date that the active parish member contacts the school office to put the child's name on the list. When registration begins, and/or an opening occurs, the parent(s) is contacted, according to the prioritized list, to begin the registration process.

If a non-parishioner parent(s) registers in St. John Parish and fulfills the requirements of active parishioner status, as defined in the Admissions Policy, the child's name is placed on the Active Parishioner Waiting List using the date of registration in the parish as the new date in the priority listing.

If an inactive parishioner parent(s) fulfills the requirements of active parishioner status for a minimum of six months, as defined in the Admissions Policy, the parent may contact the school office to have the child's name placed on the Active Parishioner Waiting List.

Admissions Policy - Diocese of Lansing

No child whose parents desire to enroll him/her in any Catholic School of the Diocese of Lansing shall be denied admission on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, or religious affiliation.

Priority is to be given to Catholic children. Non-Catholics will be accepted if the school possesses capacity for additional enrollees.

Diocesan Policy #5117.1


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