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Elementary School Child Praying

We provide a Catholic Christian school environment composed of a caring, close-knit community of students, staff, and parents. Our shared goals of academic and spiritual growth are accomplished by learning together, worshipping together, and serving together. Students of all faiths are welcome at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School. All students are expected to participate in all faith activities and assignments.

We provide education and practice of the Catholic faith daily and multiple Christian service opportunities. We are committed to nurturing the values of the Gospel message in our daily contact with one another, our families, and the community at large. Religious development is approached simply and through the total context of the student’s life. Teachers and staff share their faith through their teaching and by example.


Our student body is very active in its own faith formation. We begin and end our day with a prayer written and shared by one of our Grade 1 through Grade 8 students. Students deliver the intentions and serve as lectors and altar servers at our weekly Mass.

We begin each month with a prayer service centered on the Cardinal and Theological Virtues. Students learn about virtue and the behaviors that embody it, as well as when and how to apply it in their life. Each grade is responsible for preparing a prayer service throughout the year. Classes often use skits, music, stories, and games to reinforce the virtue.

We encourage parents to join us for weekly Mass, liturgical celebrations, and prayer services.

Schedule a tour today to learn more about the faith-based education provided by St. John Catholic School.

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