Hands-on learning is central to our teaching

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A strong literacy and reading program provides the tools for students to increase their capacity for learning

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Students will have access to learning and competing in debate

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Hands-on learning is central to our teaching

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Schoolwide Learning Expectations

As a student at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, I will continue to grow throughout my life in…


  • I love and serve God.

  • I know and value the teachings of Jesus.

  • I am knowledgeable about the Catholic faith and can share it with others.

  • I participate actively in liturgical life and prayer.

  • I acquire knowledge of God's creation.


  • I am an effective communicator and listener.

  • I strive to produce quality work.

  • I apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • I develop organizational skills.

  • I participate in the fine arts and foreign languages.


  • I actively provide community service to others.

  • I demonstrate awareness of local, national and global issues.

  • I understand and apply the rules of the classroom and school community.

  • I exhibit good citizenship.

  • I respect and appreciate that all people, cultures and the environment are a part of God's creation.

  • I demonstrate awareness about how my words and actions affect those around me and myself.

  • I accept responsibility for my choices.

  • I work cooperatively while demonstrating patience and respect.

  • I respect my body by making informed health choices.