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School Fundraisers

 School Fundraisers that give us our operating budget to work with for the coming year covering; school budget, classroom improvements, technology, art, music, reading programs, the tuition assistance program, athletics, playground equipment, and much more.


St. John Auction

Held in February each year, this is the largest fundraiser of the year. This fundraiser in the past has netted the P.S.A. anywhere from $60,000 to $105,000. Many parents are required to work this event and many items are needed to make it a success.  


Santa’s Secret Shop

Held in early December,  the  Santa Secret Shop is meant to give our students a way to purchase Christmas gifts for their parents and other family members for very reasonable prices. This event usually nets the P.S.A. about $1,500. 



Run through the Great Lakes SCRIP program, this program allows parents to buy gift cards at face value.  This program is conducted weekly throughout the year by Candice Kelso. Click on the code below for information on how to sign up for the SCRIP program. Code: LE548F286872

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