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Parent & School Association




Anyone who is a parent or legal guardian of a child attending St. John the Evangelist Catholic School or is an administrator or teacher at St. John School is automatically a member of this association.

The St. John Parent and School Association (P.S.A.) is an organization with specific objectives.


The purpose of the St. John Home School Association is to:

  • Promote open communication among the parents, faculty, and administration.

  • Promote goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, administration, and St. John Parish.

  • Direct and coordinate parental support to St. John the Evangelist Catholic School through assistance activities, social functions, and fundraisers.

  • To foster a profound appreciation for the ideals of Catholic Christian education in the home and to promote Catholic Christian education through cooperation with the faculty and Education Commission.

We need YOUR help

The Executive Board has already met this year and started to prepare for what we know will be a great year.  We have chairpeople in place for all our fundraising events and are focused on helping YOU to reduce your tuition obligation as well as supplementing the school's income to keep tuition LOW for all of us! 


We will be asking that you join us in many ways and hope your schedule will allow you to answer “yes” to at least one or two different projects.  We will be sending information out as part of the weekly Jet Gazette.  At any time, feel free to call or email the Board Members above with questions or ideas!  We value and need your input.


We know that your commitment to your child(ren) Education in Faith is the reason that you have chosen St. John the Evangelist Catholic School and we promise to always look to Christ’s example while serving this faith community.  God Bless Your Family in the months to come!

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