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School Day Uniforms

The school uniform is designed to: Foster school pride, be workable for parents and students, and be enforceable by the school. Students and parents should become familiar with and follow the Uniform Dress Code. All faculty and administrators have the right to judge what is and is not appropriate regarding the Uniform Dress Code and to enforce consequences for inappropriate dress. Dennis Uniform Company is the sole supplier of our uniforms; there are a large number of previously worn uniforms available in our Uniform Closet located between the Art and Music Rooms.  A full description and guidelines for uniforms can be found in the parent/student handbook.

Spirit Days

Participation in Spirit Days is a privilege afforded to students who are in compliance with the school’s uniform code. Spirit Days are scheduled, generally Fridays. Special Spirit Days will be listed in the Jet Gazette. Students who have been denied their Spirit Day privileges must wear uniform dress code on Spirit Day.

Athletics Game Days

Grade 5-8 athletes who are in compliance with dress code are granted the privilege of wearing the Team Jersey over a dress code shirt and with dress code bottoms.  If an athletic event is held on Saturday or Sunday, the team member may wear the Jersey on the last day of school of the week. Spirit Squad may wear their full uniform to school on the day of the game or the last day of the week only with approval of the principal. Short skirts will require that leggings be worn under the skirt or tops may be worn with warm-ups.

Scouting Uniforms
Scouts, who are in compliance with the dress code, may wear traditional scout uniform on the day of the meeting.  Shirts must be tucked in at the waist. No hats may be worn in the building during the day.

Picture Days
Uniform Dress Code Clothing only may be worn for Fall Picture Day.
Students may be out of uniform for Spring Picture Day. (No midriff-revealing, bare back, low neck, thin strap, or off the shoulder dresses or tops)


Eighth Grade Graduation Attire
Boys: Dress slacks, shirt and tie are worn for mass and reception. Jacket is optional.

Girls: Dresses must be at least knee-length, no bare backs, thin straps, strapless, or off-the-shoulder dresses may be worn. Graduation dresses must be brought to the homeroom teacher for approval at least one month prior to graduation.

Special Occasions
Throughout the school year there will be special days when students may be out of uniform.  These will be announced and guidelines given prior to the events in then newsletter.


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